I am a dedicated consultant and coach with over 20 years of combined experience in education, business, coaching and the creative industry. My mission is to accelerate the success and profitability of established and new businesses by building a strong foundation with the right strategies, frameworks, and tools alongside effective product or service messaging.


I focus on leveraging strengths and potential to drive business success rather than dwelling on weaknesses or challenges. My diverse skillset allows me to facilitate seamless processes, develop tailored strategies, deal effectively with transitions or change and create a solid foundation that nurtures thriving businesses customised to each client’s needs and goals.


Upholding values of excellence, commitment, consistency, confidentiality and hospitality, I ensure guidance remains current and relevant. With a background in Lifelong Learning BA (Hons), Business and Management BA (Hons), Career Management and Coaching (MSc), certifications from professional bodies, AFHEA with Advance HE, Five Lens as a Five Lens People development practitioner and member of CIM, I am well-equipped to support my client’s business journey.


Partner with me to receive expert guidance and personalised support on your path to business success.